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A Word About Commitment

Healing takes time.  You probably didn’t get to this place overnight.  Healing usually means change.  Real change takes time (read The 4 Stages of Healing) and persistent effort.  Real change is rarely a straight line.  It often involves a lifestyle change and a change of priorities.  If you read through the Inner Healing Yoga Therapy pages, you probably have a sense that you’ll have tools for personal practice.  Many of the tools can be incorporated into your every day activities.

I recommend at least 4 sessions with me, and depending on your need, more if time and finances allow.  The first few sessions are weekly, then bi-weekly, then less often as progress is made and you feel better.

Real healing is worth the effort.  You are worth the effort.  Don’t wait for a crisis or another week, month or year to go by. 
Start today.  You can do this.  I can help.  Contact me for a confidential consultation. 

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Options and Fees:

First session 90 minutes to 2 hours, $150



90-minute session, $115



Package: (3) 90-minute sessions prepaid / $310.50



60-minute follow-up session, $85



Package: (3) 60-minute sessions prepaid / $229.50



3-month expiration on packages

Additional fee for consultation with medical providers.  $25 for 15-minute consultation 


Cash or credit.

I will be happy to provide a receipt for insurance reimbursement if that’s an option for you.