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Yoga class Descriptions

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Class Descriptions

Many people become interested in yoga as a way to become flexible, reduce stress and experience a sense of peace. Yoga is highly adaptable allowing students to move in ways that accommodate aches, pains, limitations and healing. The regular practice of yoga can increase strength and flexibility, lower blood pressure, quiet the mind, improve concentration, and cultivate a sense of well-being. Our yoga classes offer a comprehensive yoga program that includes yoga philosophy, breathing techniques, yoga movements, concentration and meditation techniques and deep relaxation integrating body, mind and spirit. If you have questions or are interested in finding out which class is a fit for you, email Susanne at susanne@yogahealsus.com with your questions or to set up a time to connect over the phone.

Chair Yoga for Every Body
Currently offered on Thursday mornings. Are you interested in Yoga but not interested in getting onto the floor? Then this class is for you! Every body can do Yoga using chairs for sitting and standing: individuals who need to support for balance and safety; individuals recovering from illness or injury or have problems with knees and hips; or for anyone interested in learning more ways to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. This fun class offers a balanced approach for strength and flexibility, breath work and meditation. And we do serious work, always adapted to the needs of each person.  Adults – all ages, levels and abilities welcome.

Gentle Adaptive Yoga
The focus of this class is stretching, balance and relaxation. Enjoy the calm, peace, and self-acceptance of yoga wherever you are with your practice. Susanne infuses her classes with warmth as she invites you to go at your own pace using props and variations that provide an accessible yoga experience for every body.

All Levels Yoga Basics

Would you like to move more to feel better, yet are most comfortable in your own home without dealing with the weather? This gentle, all levels mat class can help you to strengthen and stretch so your body and mind feel more at ease. Postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation are guided slowly with options so you can stay steady and stable and go at your own pace.

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